EMER Sp. z o.o. sp.k. is a leading producer of melted animal fats and processed animal proteins. The Quality Policy is a key element of our company’s strategy. Our products are offered on several European markets and export accounts for half of our sales. We want to satisfy the requirements and expectations of customers regarding the highest quality of delivered products.
Qualified employees participate in the production of finished products and everyone is aware that they are responsible for the implementation of quality objectives.
The basic aspects of the Quality Policy implemented by EMER sp. z o.o. sp.k. are:

  • caring for constant quality of final products,
  • plant development and improvement of the production process,
  • careful selection of suppliers that provide raw materials of appropriate quality,
  • supervision over sanitary and hygienic conditions,
  • production safety achieved by systematic control of all stages from the acceptance of the raw material through all phases of the production process to the release of the finished product.

To ensure continuous development of the company:

  • we examine the highest quality of our products in certified laboratories, and above all we monitor the most important physical and chemical parameters of our products in a very well-developed internal laboratory,
  • we develop the competences of our employees through the implementation of planned trainings,
  • we increase the number of our clients and cooperate with qualified suppliers.